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Top Custom Home Builders in Sarasota, Florida

Fulfill your expectations of the perfect home in Sarasota, Florida, through BCB Homes, the top custom home builders in the area. We integrate artistry, skill, and technology into every project we undertake.

Introducing BCB Homes

Top Custom Home Builders in Sarasota, FloridaThe largest and best builder of customized luxury homes in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes employs the most advanced methods and long-term experience in the building trades to produce remarkable results. Our 25-plus years in the industry have resulted in countless luxury homes constructed and renovated, along with numerous award-winning projects. Let us make your home our next masterpiece.

Why Choose Custom Home Construction

The choice to build a custom home or purchase and remodel an existing one comes down to time and preference. Your patience can result in a home that is fully customized to your preferences and lifestyle. BCB Homes can bring each and every one of the following advantages to your custom home build:

  • Choose the Location

By building your own home, where you choose to live will be entirely up to you. Find a spot near the beach, the club, community organizations, or simply scout out a spectacular view. From Sarasota to Marco Island, we regularly build in the most elite communities.

  • Choose Every Detail

Imagine the thrill of selecting every single detail of your new home – from the layout to the features, accents, fixtures, flooring, finishing materials, and more. Come to the BCB Homes Learning Center to discover all of the options available to you.

  • Choose a Layout That Accommodates Your Lifestyle and Family

The size of your family, now and in the future, and the prospects for entertaining should influence the chosen layout. An open layout and a large kitchen are essential to frequent entertaining, and plenty of bedrooms along with separate play areas are equally important to families with children. Your custom-built home can meet your lifestyle and priorities, not someone else’s.

  • Choose Durability, Sustainability, and Energy Efficiency

The methods we use at BCB Homes create lasting, energy efficient homes. We employ current and advanced materials and technology that improves the air quality, longevity, and energy efficiency of your home. A BCB Homes build will meet the demands of the Florida climate with the heat, storms, humidity, and other extremes common to the area.

  • Choose an Unsurpassed Warranty and Customer Support System

The warranty that we offer for our custom-built homes is without comparison, as is our customer support program. Prepare to be impressed by the BCB Homes commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction in the custom build we create.

BCB Homes takes custom and collaboration to a new level. Throughout your building experience, from the design to the construction, we will remain in touch through communication with the dedicated project manager and cloud-based software that provides access to every detail of the construction process.

If you are seeking the top custom home builders in Sarasota, Florida, you have found them in BCB Homes. We will provide you with an effortless construction experience whether you would like to build from the ground up or choose to renovate or add-on to an existing home. Discover how we will cater to your every wish by calling (239) 643-1004 today!

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