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Selecting a Custom Home Builder in Naples, Florida

A unique, personalized luxury home should be your refuge and showpiece. Selecting a custom home builder in Naples, Florida, is the best step you can take to secure surety of satisfaction. BCB Homes is the clear choice for those who want the ultimate in quality of construction, customization of design, and technical advancements in materials and processes.

Selecting a Custom Home Builder in Naples, FloridaBCB Homes provides custom home construction, luxury renovations, and estate management services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with waterfront homes and high-end estates within the most exclusive communities of Southwest Florida, including Bay Colony, Port Royal, Grey Oaks, The Estuary at Grey Oaks, The Strand at Bay Colony, The Moorings, Coquina Sands, Park Shore, and Aqualane Shores.

A Convenient Custom Home Building Process

A convenient custom home build becomes possible when clients choose BCB Homes. We provide a team of professionals who will be there providing support from concept to move-in day. Our cloud-based construction management software and a dedicated project manager make every project a joyful experience for the client rather than a period of stress.

Before signing on to a contract with any custom home builder, make sure that they are worthy of your business. BCB Homes is confident in our ability to impress you with our skills, experience, trustworthiness, and courtesy.

Researching the Options

Looking into the available custom home builders in the area is a given, but how should the work begin?

In the age of the Internet, research is simple. From local building associations to consumer advocacy groups and review sites, you can find ample information as close as your smartphone.

BCB Homes makes it incredibly simple for you to peruse our work. We offer an online gallery of prior builds, and we have been honored repeatedly over the years for the quality of our work.

As you interview potential home builders, be aware of the critical information you need to know.

  • Warranty
  • Timeline
  • Access
  • Experience
  • Capacity
  • Communication
  • Warnings

In your conversations with potential builders, take careful note of communication. In particular, make sure that you are heard and understood. The customizations and preferences that you express should guide the build at all points, and when that is impossible, the reasons for this impossibility should be made clear.

When choosing a builder, relying on a conversation alone would be irresponsible. You will need to request and verify references. In this process, ask questions about satisfaction, scheduling, budgetary concerns, stressors, positives, negatives, etc.

The final step is to sign the contract. We understand how easy it is to sign without reading, but do not make that mistake. With an investment of this magnitude, you should carefully work your way through the contract. We suggest that you even have your lawyer evaluate the wording.

Next Steps

Now that you are familiar with the process of researching custom home builders, partner with BCB Homes. We know what it takes to build in this area. Our homes weather the stresses of coastal existence without weathering. We will build your waterfront home with special measures designed to prevent water intrusion and damage from humidity or salt.

By selecting BCB Homes as the custom home builder to build the home of your dreams in Naples, Florida, you will remember the process as one filled with eagerness rather than stress. Call (239) 643-1004 to explore our home construction process.

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