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Sarasota Custom Luxury Home Builders

BCB Homes provides custom luxury home builders for Sarasota constructions. To produce these results, we incorporate an expert eye, proven skill, and construction innovations, unlike other builders in the area.

Why Build with BCB Homes

Sarasota Custom Luxury Home BuildersBCB Homes is the foremost provider of custom home construction in Southwest Florida. We use the most advanced innovative techniques and have over thirty years of experience. With masterpieces throughout the elite communities of the region and many accolades earned for our efforts, our capacity for perfection speaks for itself. We invite you to view our online gallery and schedule a collaborative meeting to discuss your ideas for a dream home.

The Choice to Customize Home Building

Building a personalized home versus purchasing one for remodeling is a choice that should consider your budget, schedule, and personal preference. Either way, BCB Homes will deliver fine materials, expert design, and proven craftsmanship.

If you customize the home build from the ground up, you gain the choice of location, design details, layout, and more.

The perfect spot in Sarasota awaits your home build. Our experience includes construction in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the country. The team here at BCB Homes will be happy to help you find the ideal location for your residence, whether you prefer a waterfront view, beach access, a gated community, or even a golf community.

Define All the Details

BCB Homes provides several avenues for customization. From the very beginning, you’ll have access to constant communication with a dedicated project manager. We offer a team for every project, and this team will include representatives from every sector of the building trade.

The Learning Center that we offer is a dedicated, 2,600 square foot space that displays various materials, ranging from the doorknobs to lighting, flooring, wall textiles, and more. 

The Right Layout for Your Home

An open layout versus well-considered division is another choice you can make with a newly built home. Sit with our designers to discuss your must-have features, preferences, and details. We can also speak with your interior design delegate to handle the nitty-gritty details.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient in the Florida Climate

The techniques and materials that BCB Homes brings to the table result in greater energy efficiency and sustainability. Indoor air quality, durability, and minimal energy consumption result from the designs, landscaping, concrete exteriors, doors and windows, and other elements we choose. 

BCB Homes also brings stellar customer service to each project. In addition to the dedicated project manager who will serve as your constant point of contact, we also employ a cloud-based construction management software that allows clients to peek in at the build anytime and anywhere. We make it easy to see for yourself the progress of your home construction. You can continue with travels, work, and daily life without imagining what could go wrong.

Those seeking to move to Sarasota should consider how custom luxury home builders from BCB Homes will make this move effortless and joyful. From a newly built home to renovations or estate management services, allow us to cater to your residential needs. Schedule your meeting today by calling (239) 643-1004 or following this link.

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