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Luxury Living with BCB Homes – Naples’ Best Builders

Luxury living comes easy with a residence built by Naples’ best builders, BCB Homes. Real estate visions become a reality in Southwest Florida when our teams of experts are brought onto the project. 

Bringing Luxury to Life

Luxury Living with BCB Homes - Naples' Best BuildersThe key to adding luxury to any custom-built home requires close collaboration with the homeowners. Luxury is subjective to a large extent. BCB Homes brings collaborative, expert design together with high architectural standards and advanced techniques to our efforts.

We have created countless award-winning custom homes in the most elite communities of the region. In addition to crafting custom luxury homes, we also provide renovation and estate management services. The staff here is highly skilled and experienced, with experts across the building trades from design, architecture, and engineering to framing, roofing, plumbing, and more. A single source for your home construction project is what BCB Homes offers.

The finest materials, proven construction methods, and modern techniques are integral to our endeavors. The remarkable homes we create are worthy of the awards they have won and the luxury and satisfaction they provide to our clients.

Southwest Florida has a rigorous climate with high humidity, temperatures, rainfall, and wind. The resulting pressures on structures can be quite disastrous. For this reason, we at BCB Homes intentionally design home features that withstand these pressures without succumbing to them. Energy efficiency, concrete exteriors, landscaping choices, and precise home design are just some of the measures that we incorporate to provide a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable home.

Custom Luxury

Building a home with a custom style of luxury requires a great deal of collaboration. While we hold structural standards as non-negotiable, we offer various customization potential. From the very beginning, your team will include the following members:

  • Executive in charge
  • Project manager
  • Field manager
  • Superintendent
  • Selections coordinator.

This team provides consistency, comprehensive planning and implementation, and accountability.

We offer several concrete measures to maximize suitability as your home design progresses. First, the BCB Homes Learning Center provides in-depth displays and demonstrations so clients can choose the materials and techniques they prefer for their homes. The selection coordinator can provide guidance while making these choices, and we routinely work with our clients’ design representatives as part of the team.

The design Building Information Modeling (BIM) software serves to evaluate the plans in three dimensions. This ability empowers the experts on our team to eliminate any mistakes made in the functionality of the plans. Our clients can experience the home virtually before our team prepares the grounds.

BCB Homes will handle every detail of your home build, including preparing the site, coordinating the design, estimating costs and scheduling, permitting, and managing any neighborhood requirements before building. Our clients experience the fun and anticipation without the build feeling like work.

We also provide constant access to communication and status updates. Not only will you have a dedicated project manager, but you will also have access to a cloud-based portal, which you can access remotely whenever you choose. This portal will provide current information regarding progress, budget, and scheduling.

Naples’ best builders, BCB Homes, infuse luxury living with excellent quality and service into every home. Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to explore how we can create the perfect home for your present and future.

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