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Luxury Home Builders in Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

BCB Homes is the finest group of luxury home builders serving the Pelican Bay community of Naples, Florida. Whether you want to build a home tailored to your family’s preferences or prefer buying an existing home and renovating it to better meet your needs, you can rely on us to perform with integrity, skill, and a client-centered focus.

Luxury Home Builders in Pelican Bay, Naples, FloridaOperating out of Naples, BCB Homes has provided world-class service for over 30 years. We hold ourselves to high building standards, relying on innovations in construction and proven methods of craftsmanship. Every project we take on is met with open communication, collaboration, and a team of experienced and diverse building professionals.

Welcome to Pelican Bay

Life in Pelican Bay is a luxurious existence. Membership in the community offers private beach access, seaside dining, varied shopping experiences, and protected natural areas. Quite a bit of activity, nature, and fun occur within three square miles of Pelican Bay.

The private beaches are fully staffed and equipped with lounge furnishings, bar service, facilities, and more. North Beach and South Beach provide two ways to enter and enjoy this area. 

North Beach’s relaxed atmosphere offers excellent opportunities to watch dolphins, search for seashells, kayak, and even take special exercise classes. South Beach, on the other hand, provides more activity-centered options, including volleyball, kayaking, sailboating, and other family-friendly interests.

Pelican Bay was initially called Clam Bay, and today, this name still refers to the 570-acre nature preserve of mangrove trees, tidal ponds, and natural wildlife.

Generate Your Own Residential Grandeur

The decision to build your own home allows a personal refuge of luxury. BCB Homes offers a team of professionals to make sure you consider elements you might not naturally recognize, such as our Learning Center where you can become familiar with materials and techniques available for your home build. With the right partners in planning, your home can be perfectly tailored directly to your lifestyle and preferences, meeting all potential needs.

Establishing and following a budget can be difficult when building your dream home. The hundreds of options and features you have available can quickly accumulate. The professionals on your project team will guide you through making these decisions.

The construction company that you choose needs to have specific qualities before you can feel comfortable entrusting your home to their hands:

  • Proven track record of success
  • Evidence of skill and customer service: consult references, browse online galleries, schedule home tours
  • Customization made while collaborating with design, architectural, and engineering experts
  • Commitment to advanced construction methods, high-quality materials, and master craftsmanship
  • Open communication at all times of the project

BCB Homes meets and surpasses all of these demands. The teams we provide to our clients include experts from every sector of the building trades and are led by dedicated project managers. We also offer cloud-based construction management software so clients can check in on the project’s status from anywhere, anytime.

In your quest to build an incredible life in Pelican Bay, select BCB Homes as your choice of luxury home builders in the Naples, Florida, area. Take the first step on this journey today by contacting us online or calling (239) 643-1004 to schedule a consultation.

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