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Luxury Custom Home Builders

Do your plans to create a luxury custom home have you searching for the best builders in the region? BCB Homes has the capacity, experience, and skill to construct a home that reflects your personality, sense of style, and best-lived life. 

Luxury Custom Home BuildersThe foremost custom home producer in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes has an established reputation based upon advanced design and construction methods, impressive workmanship quality, and the finest materials. Construction, remodeling, and estate management services from BCB Homes consistently surpass expectations. 

For three decades, BCB Homes has operated with a commitment to elevate the standards of builders in the area. We incorporate unique designs and “green” building into our homes.

Building a custom home is the ideal way to secure the level of luxury you desire within your abode. BCB Homes provides professionals who are experienced and dedicated to home design and construction that work functionally and visually. From the beginning, we will focus on creating the ideal design plan.

The team that will lead your custom home project will include:

  • Executive in Charge
  • Project Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Selections Coordinator.

We bring a depth of knowledge and a set of technical assets to perfect your design. In addition to a Selections Coordinator, we offer the BCB Homes Learning Center, a 2,600-square-foot space dedicated to client education. We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to ensure that the designs work well without any issues that have gone unnoticed.

Building a custom home is also a financially sound choice when you fervently desire specific features. You avoid having to remodel in the near future, and you can ensure that your home is sound and equipped with energy-efficient appliances and features from the beginning.

A custom home can be built “green” without any retrofitting later. BCB Homes, for instance, dedicates itself to energy-efficient construction. In addition to choosing energy-efficient appliances, we install high-efficiency A/C equipment with programmable thermostats, high-efficiency pool pumps, high-performance impact glass, appropriate shading via home features and landscaping, and non-vented attics with direct insulation application. 

BCB Homes belongs to several Green Certification Organizations, including the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), National Association of Home Builders Green (NAHB), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED for Homes).

We also utilize a hot water recirculation system that prevents cold water waste while waiting for water to heat and native plantings – both intended to conserve water.

Another advantage of our building processes is the indoor air quality within the home. The A/C systems, sealed attics, and dehumidification systems that we install maintain relatively low humidity levels for the area. We will evaluate all equipment when the construction is complete to ensure proper performance. 

Homes that we build are made to last for generations. Despite the frequent storms, high winds, heavy precipitation, sun exposure, and other challenges, a BCB Homes-built structure stands tall. We use concrete for exterior features for incredible strength, easy maintenance, and mold/mildew growth avoidance.

BCB Homes stands apart from the luxury custom home builders in Florida as one of the best. To learn more, click here or call one of our three locations: Naples (239) 643-1004, Boca Grande (941) 964-1704, or Sarasota (941) 330-0800.

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