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Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Naples, FL

As you ponder the benefits of hiring a custom home builder against buying a pre-built home in Naples, FL, call BCB Homes. We can help with both avenues of homeownership.

BCB Homes is an award-winning custom home builder with over three decades of experience building and renovating the masterpiece residences throughout Southwest Florida.

Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Naples, FLThe exclusive communities where we build, from Marco Island to Sarasota, welcome our luxury custom homes. Whether you want a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, come to the builder that will cater to your preferences and surpass your expectations.

In the nearly thirty years we have spent creating the finest homes in the area, we have honed our craft and our processes. We use the most advanced technical aspects of building to ensure that our masterpieces are more than beautiful. They are also durable, energy efficient, and well-suited to your lifestyle.

Live in Your Own Work of Art

The works of art we create stand as evidence of our dedication and attention to craftsmanship as well as our eye for detail.

The climate in Florida is extreme, so homes built here must be able to withstand the elements – from extreme sun exposure to high temperature, humidity, salt exposure, and even hurricanes. BCB Homes employs the finest technology available in building systems to produce a home that will last longer, provide healthier indoor air, and even easier maintenance procedures.

BCB Homes’ clients enjoy the transparency and coordination that our service promotes. We maintain communication by providing a dedicated project manager to each project and using a cloud-based construction management software that allows constant monitoring, no matter where the client happens to be at the time.

Once the home is complete, we will maintain a relationship with the homeowner, providing assistance for the duration of your home ownership.

Live the Environmentally Friendly Life

The modern home should be as environmentally friendly as possible. BCB Homes is ahead of the curve. We have been constructing homes that fit the bill for over a decade.

We construct homes that produce lasting sustainability by using durable materials, the cutting-edge techniques of building construction, and energy efficient features whenever possible.

Examples of our “green” efforts include using appliances that promote energy efficiency, HVAC equipment that offers greater efficiency, and strategically placed shade that is created with landscaping and structural adjustments.

Water conservation measures used by BCB Homes include the types of plantings chosen for the landscape and advanced recirculation technology.

The insulation used in our home constructions is another way that we advance the eco-friendly nature of our BCB Homes. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate in protection from thermal energy intrusion.

Other advancements common to BCB Homes projects include the use of concrete block or concrete for all exterior features for additional strength and resistance to moisture damage.

To Build or To Buy

Whether you prefer to build your own custom dream home or buy an existing one that we have already built is up to you. You can find both at BCB Homes, and the workmanship will be equal regardless of your choice. The difference will be in personalization.

Hiring a custom home builder in Naples, FL, will leave you with a home you will love for a lifetime. BCB Homes is the best choice for a truly customized home with the luxury and craftsmanship your home requires. To discuss our process further, call (239) 643-1004.

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