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Estate Management Fort Myers, Florida

Whether you are a part-time or full-time resident of Fort Myers, Florida, the goal of BCB Homes is to make your home maintenance as effortless and stress-free as possible with Estate Management services that keep it looking and functioning at its best.

BCB Homes has combined 30 years of construction expertise with a meticulous approach to inspection and preventative maintenance, and created a premier Estate Management team of experienced building and diagnostic professionals who will ensure that your home gets the attention it deserves.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Estate Management Fort Myers, FloridaHaving the BCB Homes Estate Management team working for you is not just a convenience; it is the best way to protect your home and considerable investment year-round, whether you are at home or away.

Our programs are customized to your specific preferences and to the physical components of your home, providing a boutique approach that enhances your lifestyle while preserving your home and all of its features.

Estate Management services can include:

Weekly General Home Inspections: This popular whole-home diagnostic program ensures that your air conditioning system, home appliances, fireplaces, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, smoke alarms, security systems, windows and doors, and other features are working properly.

Roof Inspection and Routine Maintenance: Weather, wind and debris buildup are detrimental to roofing materials in Southwest Florida. Regular roof inspection and maintenance can detect leaks and other problems before they cause damage and help to extend the lifespan of the roof.

Grounds and Structure Inspection and Maintenance: Your Estate Manager will ensure optimal performance of exterior features such as landscape health and lighting, pool and spa equipment, motorized entry gates, pool fencing, docks and lifts, driveways and pavers, and inspect the home for exterior wear and tear.

Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance: Keep unwanted growth and bugs off your roof and all vertical and flat exterior surfaces with incremental, enviro-safe cleaning and protective treatments. Other services can include pressure cleaning driveways, walkways, pool decks, balcony landings, and chemically treating them if required, window cleaning, and roll-down screen and shutter maintenance.

Audio/Video, Electrical & Lighting Control Inspection and Maintenance: The BCB Homes Estate Management team will customize an inspection and maintenance plan to cover your interior and exterior electrical, lighting control, and audio-video systems so you don’t have to worry about replacing burned-out lamps, testing smoke detectors, and wonder if everything is in working order.

Security Monitoring and Inspection: Security is priceless, and a security system monitoring and maintenance plan can provide the peace of mind that comes from having the BCB Homes Estate Management team keep an eye on your home. The team monitors alarm systems and takes immediate action if a problem is detected to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind.

No matter which preventative maintenance plan you put in place, our skilled technicians will ensure that nothing is overlooked and will efficiently isolate problems and recommend repairs or solutions.

Contact BCB Homes today at (239) 643-1004 to discover how our Estate Management programs can help you preserve and maintain your Fort Myers, Florida property.


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