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Custom Home Design and Build in Pine Ridge, Naples, FL

Superior custom home design and build services require the best, and in the Pine Ridge community of Naples, FL, this surety requires BCB Homes. Our exceptional standards extend from service to materials, craftsmanship, and warranty coverage, so our clients never have to worry about any aspect of the experience. 

BCB Homes was established to elevate the building standards of Southwest Florida, and we have significantly succeeded in this goal. Begun by a group of second-generation builders, we bring commitment, passion, skill, and advanced technology to each new build, remodel, and estate management service we provide. 

BCB Homes – What We Offer

Custom Home Design and Build in Pine Ridge, Naples, FLClients to BCB Homes expect, deserve, and receive a first-class journey through home building. We offer custom home designs created collaboratively with design, architecture, and engineering experts. In addition to empowering our clients with choices, we provide exposure and instruction regarding those choices and virtual “walk-throughs” to verify confidence in the choices made. To accomplish these goals, BCB Homes provides the following:

  • BCB Homes Learning Center – 2,400 square feet of space for homeowner education regarding available materials and techniques
  • Entire Team for each client, dedicated to the project that includes:
    • Executive in Charge
    • Selections Coordination
    • Project Manager
    • Superintendent
    • Field Supervisor 
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) software – creates a 3-D rendering of plans to identify problems and verify satisfaction with the results.

We are an award-winning home builder with decades of success serving the elite communities of Southwest Florida, and we welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves with references, home tours, and the online gallery of our work.

Our unique approach is homeowner-driven and true to elevated standards. We value the materials and techniques that will provide our clients with long-term satisfaction and personalized features. We will blend quality workmanship with plans designed around your specifications, ensuring everything runs smoothly to construct your dream home.

Come experience how we use the core values of honesty, integrity, community, passion, and innovation to guide every client interaction. 

The BCB Homes Construction Process effectively provides more robust, longer, and healthier results. From exterior walls built with concrete and concrete blocks to energy-efficiency, high-impact glass, strategic landscaping, and advanced home systems, we help our clients with choices that will provide them with sturdy homes that withstand the stresses of the Florida climate while providing healthier indoor air, easier maintenance, and lower utility costs.

Enjoy the constant communication we provide to our clients through the virtual portal. This cloud-based construction management software keeps our teams on track and allows our clients to receive regular real-time updates on the build status. Whether you check in from a beach, office, or other locale, you can do so from anywhere and at any time, eliminating any anxiety about your home construction.

Should you plan to design and build a custom home in Pine Ridge, Naples, FL, consider the expertise of BCB Homes. Our dedication to proven practices and high standards allow our clients to enjoy genuine satisfaction. Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to translate your dreams of home into concrete build plans. We also have locations in Boca Grande and Sarasota, available at (941) 964-1704 and (941) 330-0800, respectively.

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