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Choosing a Home Builder for your New Luxury Home in Port Royal, FL

Have you determined that the time has come to finally build your dream home? Congratulations are in order as you begin choosing a home builder for your new luxury home in Port Royal, FL. BCB Homes is eager to demonstrate why we deserve to be your builder.

Choosing a Home Builder for your New Luxury Home in Port Royal, FLWhether you are in the dream phase or have begun planning independently, let us provide some advice as you start a home construction endeavor. 

Your choice of homebuilder is the single most important decision you will make on this journey. Choose well to enjoy a time of excitement and a result you will love for many years. Choose poorly for a nightmare of delays and worry and a home that disappoints.

Builder selection should happen as early as possible. A positive relationship with the builder will result in a home that is more closely in line with your style preferences and lifestyle needs. 

BCB Homes offers:

  • Close collaboration with the construction team, led by a BCB Homes executive and includes a Project Manager, Field Manager, Superintendent, and Selections Coordinator;
  • Design and construction kept on schedule and budget;
  • Unique, personalized design;
  • Design education through the BCB Homes Learning Center and 3-D renderings of design plans through Building Information Modeling (BIM) software;
  • Accurate budget estimate;
  • Experienced and proven craftsmanship
  • Green building with a focus on energy efficiency and sound building envelope
  • Much more

BCB Homes contractors are licensed by the State of Florida. As you consider home building and discuss providers with community members, you will gain insight into those you should consider again and those to avoid. We are confident that you will hear positive things when you speak with our clients. Our relationships continue well after move-in day, and we consider customer satisfaction a deal breaker.

Award-winning and well-known for building custom luxury homes throughout Southwest Florida, BCB Homes has contributed construction masterpieces to the area’s most prestigious communities for over three decades.

We invite you to peruse our online construction gallery as you strive to gauge our ability and typical construction projects and gain some inspiration for your custom home.

Schedule an initial consultation to clearly understand our professionalism, dedication, strengths, and communication styles. We work closely with our clients from the beginning elements of design far beyond move-in day, and if you choose to hire a designer to work on your behalf, we will work with them as well. 

The portal we make available to clients provides real-time updates regardless of time or location. This cloud-based construction management software, along with the dedicated project manager, will enable clients to enjoy the experience of watching their homes become reality instead of worrying over hiccups in the process.

We break new home construction into three phases: Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction, designed to ensure that the home fits the individual homeowner and stands tall for generation after generation.

BCB Homes welcomes your consideration as you work through the process of choosing a home builder for your new luxury home in Port Royal, FL. Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to speak with the team at our headquarters in Naples.

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