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Best Custom Home Builders in Bay Key, Florida

The best custom home in Bay Key, Florida is possible only with the builders you will find at BCB Homes. Our team of professionals can help translate your ideas of the perfect home into buildable design and then fulfill them.

Best Custom Home Builders in Bay Key, FloridaBCB Homes came to be over three decades ago when a collection of second-generation building professionals set out to elevate the industry standards in Florida. We infuse every home we build with durability, personalization, energy efficiency, and luxury. 

As the clear leader of the building industry for luxury clients in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes serves all sorts of clients including families with children, young and retired couples, real estate investors, and more.

All of our homes are created by true craftspeople, based upon proven measures and advanced techniques. Our reputation for quality homes and satisfied clients is well-earned through consistent performance over many years.

The BCB Homes Custom Build Process

The entire BCB Homes build experience includes incomparable quality. The process will begin with the formation of a team, led by an Executive in Charge and including a Project Manager, Field Manager, Superintendent, Selections Coordinator.

The design of your home will depend on your input. Collaboration between our team and our clients will make sure that the property is maximized in regard to its size, orientation, views, and budget. 

The BCB Homes Learning Center is a dedicated space for clients to learn about available techniques and materials as they make informed choices for their homes. We also use BIM (Building Information Modeling) in order to project home designs into three-dimensions for a clear idea of how it will look and to identify any issues that could arise with the designs as they are.

In addition to new construction, we can provide an existing home that is complete, furnished, and part of fantastic communities in the area. 

Three-Phases of Construction

BCB Homes follows a three-phased construction process. 

Phase One: Pre-Construction

  • Design team creation
  • Budget creation
  • Systems selection
  • Design education, choice guidance, and selection
  • Final pricing 

Phase Two: Construction

  • Monthly status updates with photos
  • Timely updates when issues affect budget or timeline
  • Coordinated scheduling throughout build
  • Best available craftsmanship

Phase Three: Post-Construction

  • Finished home delivery
  • Maintenance contract recommendations
  • Detailed warranty and maintenance manual
  • Unparalleled warranty and customer service program
  • 24-hour emergency service

BCB Homes incorporates the best materials, building systems, and advanced tech into all of our work. Our homes are more energy efficient and durable with healthier indoor air and easier maintenance despite any challenges that the subtropical climate throws in the path.

These efforts also lead us to embrace building “green.” The results mean that we help clients reduce their carbon footprint while also reducing our own.

Our strategies for green building include all of the following:

  • High-efficiency HVAC equipment
  • High-efficiency pool pumps
  • High-performance impact glass
  • Shading of glass through landscaping and building features
  • Non-vented attics with direct insulation

In Bay Key, Florida, the best custom home builders await your call at BCB Homes. We offer three locations for your convenience and welcome your contact – either online or by phone:

  • Naples – (239) 643-1004
  • Boca Grande – (941) 964-1704
  • Sarasota – (941) 330-0800.

Beyond home construction, BCB Homes also provides renovation and remodeling as well as estate management services. Choose us to enjoy life in paradise without home concerns.

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