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New Custom Home Builders in Boca Grande, Florida

For a new custom home in Boca Grande, Florida, choose the best builders in the area, BCB Homes. Our team is filled with experts and skilled craftspeople, proven to be the ideal source for remarkable residential construction. 

New Custom Home Builders in Boca Grande, FloridaHeadquartered in Boca Grande, Naples, and Sarasota, BCB Homes has a long history of creating masterpiece-level homes. Since 1993, when the second-generation founding builders sought to elevate the building standards of Southwest Florida, we have melded strength, customization, luxury, and quality into each project. 

The teams we provide for each project are ripe with expertise, including representation of every sector of the building trades. From design to implementation, we will help you make full use of your property, remain on budget, and put your mark on every aspect of your home. 

Build in Boca Grande

Boca Grande, translated as “Big Mouth” in Spanish, is named for the waterway mouth located at the southernmost point of the island. 

The history of this island is impressive simply in terms of the part-time residents who have called the area home, or at least vacation home. From the George H.W. Bush family to the duPonts, Rockefellers, Audrey Hepburn, and Harrison Ford, the community residents are a Who’s Who of American creme de la creme. This fact alone should tell you quite a bit about the area.

Residences in Boca Grande are diverse in style with consistent high-end quality. The relaxed coastal vibe extends from homes to transportation. Residents generally travel via golf cart, bike, or boat; automobiles are reserved for leaving the island in most instances. 

Boca Grande offers seven miles of natural beauty in terms of pristine beaches and a primarily natural coastal environment. 

Dreams Become Reality with Collaborative Building

Working your way through the process of building your home does not have to be stressful. BCB Homes will take you step-by-step with a dedicated project manager and constant access to updates through cloud-based construction management software. Knowing the status of your home build takes away much of the anxiety. Our skills will handle the rest.

When considering a custom home construction, gather your ideas regarding features, layouts, communities, and design ideas that you like. Pinterest boards, torn-out magazine spreads, and even the BCB Homes online gallery may provide fodder for your imagination.

With this brainstorming, your BCB Homes team will begin the collaboration process with you, winnowing your ideas and honing in on the details. We will also establish a budget and schedule. To make informed decisions, our clients can visit the BCB Homes Learning Center to gain insight into the available materials and building options. Finally, an informed client is happy when the results are pulled together into a 3-D visual for final confirmation.

When you have questions, reach out to your dedicated project manager. This person is your point of contact and the oversight to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. As we strive to provide you with the home you desire, we also want you to enjoy the experience!

The excitement of building a new custom home will be protected when you choose BCB Homes in Boca Grande, Florida, as your builders. Reach out to our team in Boca Grande by calling (941) 964-1704 to secure our services and begin making your home dreams come true.

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