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Sarasota Best Remodeling Company

Sarasota residences deserve the services of the best remodeling company in the area, and that company is BCB Homes. We strive to incorporate customized features and materials into every renovation, and we have a lengthy history of clients that serves as a testament to our commitment. 

Sarasota Best Remodeling CompanyCookie-cutter remodeling is a myth. If a designer suggests that type of renovation, choose another company. The BCB Homes team caters to clients to make sure that we grasp their expectations and incorporate their preferences, lifestyle, budget, and more to work architecturally, functionally, and aesthetically. We prioritize customization; you deserve a bespoke abode that speaks to your family as an individual unit. 

The BCB Learning Center provides our clients with an avenue to discover materials and methods, learning what they like and dislike as they relate the choices of their designs. 

Once a design is complete, the execution of your renovation will be without mistake. Each project is maximized for results through the oversight of our entire BCB Homes team.

We welcome you to browse our remodeling gallery to see the reality of what we can produce. Over the decades, BCB Homes has built a portfolio and reputation that stand out as superior in a world of mediocrity. Allow us to add our talent and craftsmanship to your home. 

Remodeling Your Home with BCB Homes

Begin with Kitchen Renovations

If you were to imagine the one upgrade that would have the greatest impact on the value of your home and your appreciation of it, that change would be to the kitchen. Kitchens are the “heart” of the home, where much of the family interaction, daily preparation, and debriefing occurs. Trends for this room tend to change quickly, which you should keep in mind while designing the space. Other factors that will influence the design include frequency of use and interest in various types of cooking.

Remodeling the Bathroom Space

Upgrading your bathroom does not require knocking down walls, although you could if you like. One of the most popular renovations is the transformation of bathroom spaces into spas and sanctuary areas, whether you incorporate a sauna, wall shower, bidet, or other features.

Adding More Space

Do you need more space now than when you bought your home? Perhaps you have had a couple of children or want to add a few extra purpose-driven spaces to your home, like a gym or home office. If so, consider an addition. BCB Homes will provide results that perfectly fit the rest of the structure. 

Interior and Exterior Modifications

Consider a few of the other changes you can make to your home. BCB Homes can make these adjustments and improve the lives lived within.

  • Expanded master bedroom suite
  • Reconfigured layout
  • Wider doorways
  • Upgraded windows and doors with higher efficiency materials
  • Increased natural light
  • Landscaping refresh
  • Outdoor kitchen upgrades
  • Pool installation or remodel

The best remodeling company in Sarasota is BCB Homes. We offer estate management and custom home builds to provide a single source for all of your luxury home needs. Learn more by clicking here or calling (941) 330-0800 to schedule an explorative meeting with our team of experts.

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