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Home Renovation Contractors in Naples, Florida

Home trends change so quickly that keeping the design current can be challenging. BCB Homes resolves this problem as the premier home renovation contractors in Naples, Florida.

Home Renovation Contractors in Naples, FloridaFor more than 30 years, BCB Homes has striven to be the foremost builder, renovator, and manager of custom luxury homes in the greater Naples area. By collaborating with our clients and combining our building expertise with an artistic eye, we create masterpieces worthy of facilitating our clients’ lives.

Remodeling your home comes with various benefits to your financial portfolio, lifestyle, entertaining habits, and home satisfaction. BCB Homes’ dedication to remarkable results will bring you every one of them and more.

Higher Property Values

Bringing a dated home up to current standards can drastically raise the home’s property value. Beyond updating the paint colors and the appliances, we offer a wide range of custom renovation options that will make the home more valuable in terms of money and your enjoyment of it.

If you are considering the best upgrades to pursue, in consideration of placing the home on the market perhaps, to get the highest amount of increased value for a minor effort and investment, consider making these strategic upgrades:

  • Whole-home refreshing with a new coat of paint
  • Updated kitchen appliances
  • Upgrade the HVAC system
  • Updated bathroom
  • Open floor plan
  • LED lighting
  • Updated floors

Inspire New Love for the Home You Have Long Loved

Home remodeling can provide your long-term residence with the spark you need to fall in love with it all over again. Instead of buying or building an altogether new home, remain in the location that facilitates your ideal lifestyle while renewing the love that you have for your home by transforming it into a perfect space for current times and your current desires.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint and Your Utility Costs

One of the primary upgrades we provide at BCB Homes is to install more energy efficient components into your home. From upgraded windows and sliding glass doors to modern HVAC systems, the air quality within your home and energy use efficiency will be drastically improved. With these upgrades comes lower energy costs; however, this benefit is a secondary consideration to the environmental and health benefits for most homeowners.

Customize Your Space to Facilitate Your Life

Over time, your interests, friends, and entertaining habits may change. By customizing your home, you can give a strong indication of your style, your priorities, your home’s functionality, and your sophistication of design.  

BCB Homes offers a complete Learning Center to inform your choices regarding materials available. This center allows our clients to see for themselves, in three-dimensional reality, how fabrics, lighting, doorknobs, and other materials appear in all light and from all angles.

Make the Best Use of Your Home’s Square Footage

As your life grows, the layout of your home should change based upon new needs for functionality, design, and other priorities. With the work of our remodeling team, the home you love can be better suited to the family that lives in it and the life that family lives.

For the best home renovation contractors in Naples, Florida, reach out to BCB Homes. At the very first consultation, you will understand that the process works through collaboration and craftsmanship from beginning to end.

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