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Bathroom Remodeling in Captiva, FL

Would you like the spa experience at home? Luxury bathroom remodeling for your home in Captiva, FL, is possible with the building experts at BCB Homes. We can craft the bathroom of your dreams through a collaborative and expert process that begins with design and ends with your satisfaction.

About BCB Homes

Bathroom Remodeling in Captiva, FLThe long history BCB Homes brings to every remarkable home that we are honored to renovate benefits both the home and our clients. We began elevating the building standards of Southwest Florida over thirty years ago, and that continues to be our mission. Our efforts blend functionality, customization, and luxury to craft a result that perfectly meets our clients’ needs.

From the architects and engineers to designers and contractors here at BCB Homes, we offer expertise and experience across the building trades. For a glimpse into our renovation capacity or inspiration, we invite you to visit our remodeling gallery and browse our prior renovation projects.

Upgrading Bathrooms

A simple bathroom includes a shower, commode, sink, vanity, and mirror. This bare-bones design may be good enough for the average home but not luxury. No matter your vision, we can cater to you individually and provide the features you want for your bathroom design.

If you need to remain within the space’s finite dimensions, we can still transform the layout, features, and materials. If you would like to incorporate additional space, we can accomplish that goal as well.

Your daily life deserves to be one of luxury. With a spa rather than just a bathroom, it can be. Tour the BCB Homes Learning Center to appreciate all of the options you have available for your renovation. You may find new features or materials that you prefer to the ones that you had envisioned. We also assist with a Selections Coordinator to ensure every detail is noted.

Remodeling with BCB Homes

We at BCB Homes have developed a process that ensures customer satisfaction and home superiority. We want you to have a clear idea of every material choice, feature, and architectural style available. We can walk you through what the changes would require and what they would cost so that you can make all of your decisions with clear eyes and no surprises.

Additionally, we use Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that renders 3-D images of the room. This process allows us to identify problematic elements in the design and lets you explore your room before demolition begins.

Going through renovations can be stressful, but being in the dark about the status of the work being done on your home is even more stressful. In addition to offering every client a dedicated project manager to provide a point of contact and oversight, we also use cloud-based construction management software that allows clients to check in on the status of the work, the schedule, the budget, and more, no matter the time or their location.

Remodeling your home’s bathroom in Captiva, FL, will enhance your lifestyle and increase the home’s value. To pursue any renovations, click here or call (239) 643-1004 to schedule a consultation with BCB Homes’ experts. You can also reach our Sarasota or Boca Grande office at (941) 330-0800 or (941) 964-1704, respectively.

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