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Bathroom Remodeling in Boca Grande, Florida

Your home’s bathroom must be functional, but that does not mean it should not also be glamorous and luxurious. Partner with BCB Homes for bathroom remodeling in Boca Grande, Florida, to achieve a bathroom space that fully meets your family’s needs and desires.

The Path to Your Ideal Bathroom 

Bathroom Remodeling in Boca Grande, FloridaThe bathroom you desire may require one or two simple upgrades or an entire bathroom renovation. We at BCB Homes prefer to educate our clients on the options so that they are fully satisfied with their decision once made. 

Budget Concerns

The primary aspect to consider when planning home upgrades is financial. On average, homeowners will spend a minimum of 5% of the home value on a standard bathroom renovation and 10% on the master bath. We strongly suggest you consider unexpected costs like discovering water damage when carving out the potential budget. The team at BCB Homes will always work with you to outline the costs of the materials and design you choose and leave room for the unknown when proposing the budget for your remodel.

When planning for the budget, consider the return on investment regarding home value. The bathroom is one of the best areas to address when you aim to increase the home’s appraisal amount. 

Square Footage Concerns

The square footage of a bathroom can be key because it limits the changes you can make with or without expanding the size of the room. The standard bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combination is about 40 square feet. Modern luxury bathrooms typically measure more than 160 square feet. Our team can generally provide some world-class upgrades within a given square footage, but we can also find innovative ways to expand the area when individual projects demand it. 

Bathroom Design Concerns

Bathrooms are typically smaller rooms, but they can be made to appear even smaller or larger, depending on particular design choices. Rules of thumb to follow when you want to make the room seem bigger include all of the following:

  • Avoid over-sized tiles for flooring or shower spaces
  • Choose light colors for walls, floors, and tiles, and enhance natural lighting
  • Incorporate layered lighting, especially when conditions limit natural lighting

Bathroom Storage Concerns

Storage is a concern for the bathroom of any home. High-quality cabinetry with unique organizational features will make keeping your space tidy and functional easier.

BCB Homes – The Best in Bathroom Renovation

BCB Homes, established three decades ago, offers excellence in home construction, renovation, and management to homeowners throughout Southwest Florida. We promote establishing high standards in the building trades and provide every client with comprehensive service from design to completion.

The team here has experience and expertise across the building trades, so we can completely fulfill your expectations. We urge you to view the BCB Homes online remodeling gallery for inspiration and insight into our capacity.

Click here or call (941) 964-1704 to explore bathroom remodeling through BCB Homes in Boca Grande, Florida. With our expertise and innovative techniques, no dream bathroom design is out of reach. We also have offices in Naples and Sarasota, which you can contact at (239) 643-1004 and (941) 330-0800, respectively.

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