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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Posted on August 9, 2017

Gone for the summer? While your departure list may seem sufficient, there is often far more that needs attention than is typically considered. If you’re like most Naples snowbirds, you probably bring in your patio furniture, clean out the fridge, and hand the keys to house watch, right?

But your Naples estate is very elaborate and complex! You have multiple HVAC systems, a complex roof structure, and expensive windows and doors. What about your landscape and pool? It’s fairly common for vendors to take occasional “vacations” from their weekly duties. Do you have a generator and is it working properly during storm season? Are power surges wreaking havoc with your Audio-Visual and electrical home components?

Don’t let your home look like this while you are away this summer!

These are just a handful of items that should receive frequent attention, but are often overlooked, ignored, or “assumed” to be under the protective “umbrella” of your home watch personnel.

However, unless these home elements are being specifically serviced and maintained, you are merely deferring the manifestation of hidden damages!

The average homeowner spends about 1% of the home’s market value on annual maintenance <>. You own a high-end estate with intricate construction and complex components. Neglecting proper care of this asset is akin to failing to care for your vehicle – clean, oil change, regular diagnostic and routine maintenance, etc. Can you imagine parking your vehicle on the beach and leaving it there for the summer without exercise and maintenance?

BCB Homes Inc., Estate Management Division, was contrived specifically to maintain homes just like yours. Backed by countless years of collective home building knowledge, BCB is optimally equipped to keep your home components in peak shape.

The result? Greater leisure for you, the homeowner, when you return to Naples! How often in the past have you returned to your Naples home only to spend the first few weeks scrambling to identify and corral vendors to clean up deficiencies you’ve painfully discovered upon your return? Wouldn’t you rather be golfing, shopping, and enjoying the unique Naples ambiance without the constant headache of repair and maintenance?

Here are some of the popular home maintenance services we manage for our clients:

  • Incremental (weekly or bi-weekly) General Home Inspections
  • Landscape & Pool Maintenance
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Roof and Exterior Walls Inspection
  • Window & Exterior Door Inspection & Maintenance
  • Indoor and Outdoor Surface Inspection
  • Roof & Exterior Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Whole-Home Cleaning Service
  • AV/Smart Home Systems Inspection & Maintenance
  • Generator Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Electrical/Lighting Inspections & Maintenance
  • Storm/Hurricane Preparation
  • Mail/Packages (forwarded or brought inside)
  • Roll-down Screen/Shutter Maintenance
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Dock/Lift Maintenance

BCB knows “House Watch” people. Frankly, we are often called upon to remedy what they have failed to maintain. This is not to pick on the House Watch industry, but most of these outfits are in over their heads. Sentimental homeowners are slow to relieve them of duty even after multiple failures, but this is not a cure. Significantly, many of our clients had remained attached to their house watch person, despite deficiencies, simply because they did not know of a suitable alternative! Other clients have simply determined to expense the bare minimum in proactive maintenance and deal with breakdowns reactively, only to later recognize that preventative maintenance would have saved significant time, psychic energy, and yes, money, in the long run.

In sum, it’s vital to recognize that while Naples is beautiful, it’s conditions are very harsh on home components. Don’t wait until things fall apart. Give preventative maintenance a chance!

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