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Keep Your Remodeling Project Stress Free

Posted on May 16, 2018

There are two main groups of home owners that decide to venture into a remodeling project. The first are home owners that recently purchased an existing home in an older, more established neighborhood or condo buildng, and they want to make the new home their own. The second group are home owners who have resided at the same residence for a long period of time and have reached the conclusion their home needs to be updated.

No matter the scenario, there is one way to take some of the stress out of a remodeling project – plan early. This holds especially true if the remodeling project is going to take place in a community with either a Property Owners Association or a Home Owners Association.

“We advise our clients that the remodeling process can take upwards of four to five months before the actual demolition and construction can start,” said Greg Brisson, Vice President of BCB Homes. “That means if a home owner wanted a major renovation to be completed by early next year, the time to put the team together is now.”

According to Brisson, this is especially true with a condominium renovation.

“Since many Associations only allow such projects to occur between May 1 and October 31, everything needs to be precisely scheduled as to fit within that timeframe,” said Brisson.

Before and After of the Living Area in a Condo

There are many reasons for the four to five month lead time. The permitting, material selection and ordering and the design approvals from the Associations are a few. But, there’s another very good reason.

“We need to know what’s behind the walls before starting a design for a remodeling project,” said Travis Smith, Vice President of BCB Homes. “Nothing stops the renovation work quicker than a surprise – and time doesn’t allow for surprises.”

The Remodeling Division at BCB Homes works hard to assure the minimum amount of surprises arise.

“There are many moving parts with any remodeling project,” stated Smith. “That’s why the secret to keeping such an endeavor as stress free as possible is by planning far in advance. Or in other words – the time to start is now.”

BCB Homes’ Remodeling Division encompasses projects from Port Royal to Pelican Bay, Fort Myers, Captiva/Sanibel Island and up to Boca Grande. If we can help you begin the design process for your renovation project, please give our office a call and we will be happy to set up a time for Greg Brisson or Travis Smith to meet you at your home and discuss your ideas, time frame, and budget ~ 239.643.1004


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