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Home Network Systems

Posted on April 28, 2017

One of the most common frustrations among our clients is the inconsistency of their home network and audio-video equipment. Rapid evolution of AV systems, power surges, and flawed integration are among the usual suspects. Though Estate Management routinely operates all components during our home inspections, disruptions still emerge. Often, the timing is terribly inconvenient to the homeowner.

If AV hardship is relatable to you, know that there are better days ahead. Cutting edge improvements to wire structure, home network coverage, power backup, and proactive device troubleshooting are already a reality.

With usually just a few non-invasive tweaks we can clean up the rack and cabinets, tie all systems to a central control and observation interface, and remotely troubleshoot most network and integration hiccups. Yes, remote troubleshooting. In fact, certain proprietary programs allow for a servicer to monitor device status on the home network with real-time alerts of issues to all network clients.

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