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BCB Homes Estate Management Division

Posted on November 15, 2016

BCB Homes has been known for building and remodeling the area’s most prestigious and complex homes, so who better than us to help you maintain these multi-faceted properties? Our Estate Management division leverages our relationships with the specialized subcontractors and delivers asset preservation and peace of mind to our client’s home at the hands of our professional and extremely experienced team.

Estate Management provides a customizable, concierge maintenance platform to manage your home’s structure and its components both proactively and reactively. A designated Estate Manager will serve as your single point of contact for all home-related resolutions, backed up by an in-house, on-call service for the off hours. Under the leadership of Vince DeStefano, Estate Management remains at the ready to design and execute the perfect plan for each homeowner.

Below is a sample of core services from our 30-point list of preventative maintenance options:

  • Weekly General Home Inspections – Customized, comprehensive walk throughs observe general exterior and interior conditions, including items such as pool water clarity, generator status, zone temperatures, visual leak detection, plumbing health, A/C system operation, etc.
  • Window and Exterior Door Inspection & Maintenance – In-house Building Science Diagnostician tests operability and health of window and exterior door components. Involves wiping out tracks and lubricating as necessary, while notating recommended repairs and maintenance for follow-up maintenance.
  • Air Conditioning Systems Inspection & Maintenance – Maintains overall A/C system health and upholds warranty protection. Checklist diagnostic includes testing for refrigerant leaks, cleaning/replacing filters, flushing and treating condensate lines, cleaning coils, etc.
  • Roof System Inspection – Our 70-point assessment of the integrity of all roof features and components, compiled formally in report format.
  • Audio/Video, Electrical, and Lighting Control Inspection & Maintenance – Maintain excellent working order of your electricals and electronic controls with our customized, catchall checklists.
  • Exterior Grounds Inspection & Maintenance – Keep your landscaper and pool service company accountable with an extra pair of eyes. We will ensure your yard maintains shape and beauty, and your pool remains clear and level with functional equipment.

With the advantage of our in-house experience and resources as a custom builder, we’re well-suited to provide superior care in the capacity of Estate Management. Our grand aim is to protect your investment while absorbing the many complexities and hassles of maintaining your beautiful, elaborate Naples home…so that you can enjoy your home to its fullest!

To see more information, our brochure and to contact us to set up your initial walk-thru with Vince DeStefano, please CLICK HERE.

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