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Upscale Home Builders in Park Shore, Naples, Florida

The upscale home builders of BCB Homes await the opportunity to bring our three decades of experience to your new home construction or remodel in Park Shore, Naples, Florida. We provide the level of quality work, customization potential, and customer satisfaction that every client desires, and we treat each one with the same level of incredible service.

Upscale Home Builders in Park Shore, Naples, FloridaIf you plan to build a new home, the builder you choose needs to be familiar with all of the details, small and large, involved in customizing lavish homes with extravagant features for clients with high expectations. In Southwest Florida, that builder is BCB Homes.

From the initial contact you make with us, prepare to be walked through the process of your home build. Each milestone of the journey will be thoroughly explained, monitored, managed, and implemented. Budgeting, communication, scheduling, building, and follow-up will be exceptional.

Keys to a Seamless and Easy Home Construction Journey

Building Essentials and Budget Definition

The top priorities of your new home – the elements that you consider non-negotiable – should be the first things discussed. Some things will be great additions to your home, but you will not be heartbroken if you cannot incorporate them into the design. The square footage you need, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other purpose-driven spaces, permitting, utilities, materials, and so many different factors will affect the price of your home. The place to begin is to estimate what you feel comfortable spending.

With a realistic budget, you can begin to zone in on the details of your design. Estimate on the high side; unexpected expenses can always arise and decimate a budget that lacks sufficient cushion.

This process can be incredibly complicated. You need the expertise and diligence of a reputable builder like BCB Homes. While you plan your home, we will provide education and guidance through the BCB Homes Learning Center and a dedicated Selections Coordinator. Our help will ensure the home plan is functional, stylish, customized, and on budget.

Avoid Rigid Thinking and Impatience

Building a home will include a few disruptions; they are inevitable. Remaining patient is important, but when you choose BCB Homes, you can rely on us to minimize disruptions, mitigate delays, and budget any adjustments.

Partner with BCB Homes

Your investment in your luxury home relies on the expertise and performance of a quality builder like BCB Homes. Professionals across the building trades are available to provide design, structural, and construction excellence. Feel free to request references and documentation regarding our licensing and insurance coverage. We also encourage prospective clients to browse our online galleries and request home tours. 

BCB Homes is a design-build contractor. You will not need to work with more than one company to achieve outstanding results. We will provide a seamless experience that is well-coordinated and managed by a single project manager. Our clients’ projects have a dedicated team for the duration. Each team is led by an Executive in Charge and includes a Project Manager, Selections Coordinator, Field Supervisor, and Superintendent. 

Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to schedule a consultation with the best upscale home builders in Park Shore, Naples, Florida, and begin planning the construction of your own custom luxury home.

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