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Sarasota Custom Builders

If you are considering the custom builders of Sarasota in anticipation of your own project, we at BCB Homes would like to plead our case for your business. Our specialties focus on constructing luxury homes built according to the preferences of the owners as well as remodeling and estate management services. The residences that we create complement the most elite neighborhoods of the country. 

Sarasota Custom BuildersHomeowners who select BCB Homes to build their dream homes receive dedication and professionalism. Our efforts produce homes that withstand tests of time, use, and weather; provide healthier interior air quality; demonstrate better energy efficiency; and promote functionality. We use the best materials, techniques, systems, and technology to build homes. 

The online galleries of our previously built homes are fair representations of our efforts, and we urge potential clients to browse these galleries. We are also happy to provide references and even schedule a home tour. 

BCB Homes, since our founding in 1993, has prioritized craftsmanship, high standards, and advanced techniques. Our initial purpose was to elevate the building standards of the area, and it continues to be our mission. We continually learn and embrace new, proven methods and technologies.

Further evidence of our quality work is the awards that we have won. Over the years, BCB Homes has received many accolades for the quality of our custom constructions and renovations. 

When clients choose us, they come first. We commit to satisfaction and surpassing expectations. If you feel as though other builders were dismissive, call on us. You are integral to the design and construction process of BCB Homes.

From the very first consultation, BCB Homes’ clients experience quality performance. You will have an entire team working on your project, with an expert from every field of the building trades represented on the team. Therefore, your input is essential whether you choose to pull up to the table or send your professional design representative.

We offer BCB Homes Learning Center, a dedicated space for the instruction and enlightenment of our clients. The techniques and materials learned here will inform homeowners as they make choices about the design of their future homes.  

The energy efficiency of a home in Sarasota is key. The sub-tropical climate demands more energy to keep the house comfortable, food fresh, and indoor air healthy. Our constructions incorporate technological advancements through a Points of Construction program to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Concrete exteriors, upgraded energy-efficient appliances, and strategic landscaping are just a few of our measures.

During the design and construction process, BCB Homes promises transparent communication. We use state-of-the-art, cloud-based construction management software that allows the dedicated project manager of your team to check in on the progress of your build and fill you in at any moment. You can travel, work, and carry on the day-to-day concerns of life, accessing the status of your home under construction at your pleasure. Being able to check in regularly relieves the anxiety that some home builders experience during the process.

When planning to build your custom home in Sarasota, BCB Homes offers builders with little competition. Schedule a consultation with our Sarasota office today by calling (941) 330-0800 or clicking here to contact us online.

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