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New Home Builders in Park Shore, Naples, FL

BCB Homes can provide incredible experiences and results as the premier new home builders for property owners in Park Shore, Naples, FL. Our masterpieces withstand the tests of time, climate, and architectural trends.

New Home Builders in Park Shore, Naples, FLThe clear leader in construction, renovation, and estate management services in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes can personalize luxury home ownership for all variations of households. Whether you want to enjoy the life you have worked hard to achieve or want to invest in a show-stopping vacation property, rely on our team to surpass your expectations.

If you want a home built by an award-winning builder, choose BCB Homes. We urge you to view our online photo gallery or request references from our former clients. Additionally, if you prefer not to wait for a custom home build, we also offer already-built homes for your consideration of purchase.

When you come to us to build a home, we will immediately create a team dedicated to your project. At its head, the team’s lead will be an executive of the company, and the rest of the team will include a dedicated project manager, a selection coordinator, a field manager, and a superintendent.

The design will not be rushed or imprecise. We will collaborate with you to design a comprehensive plan that includes all of the details, materials, techniques, and other factors to build your home, and we will make sure that they work structurally, functionally, and aesthetically. 

Crafting a design plan will take time. Our process requires that clients become familiar with the materials and techniques available through the BCB Homes Learning Center and the guidance of a professional Selections Coordinator. We will also evaluate the plan with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to ensure that the plans are sound and functional. The 3-D rendering will also allow you to take a virtual walkthrough of your home before the first cornerstone is laid.

We use materials and techniques that promote strength in the face of extremes. A BCB Homes structure resists damage from precipitation, sun exposure, temperature extremes, storms, and other issues in a way that other homes cannot.

Our process also encourages energy efficiency and “green” building. We have been creating environmentally friendly homes for over 15 years.

Our choice of products, technologies, landscaping, and systems promote sustainability and energy efficiency. These elements include appliances, HVAC equipment, pool pumps, glass-shading through rooflines, awnings, architectural features, and landscaping. 

Spray foam insulation and air barrier systems maximize the effectiveness of our building envelope system. This feature protects from water and humidity intrusion, pollen and allergens, and heat loss that affects utility usage.

Exterior walls, arches, and other architectural features made of concrete and concrete blocks are essential to an effective building envelope. This material requires little maintenance and resists water damage and mold development.

Hot water recirculation systems in our homes promote water conservation, as does the use of native plants in landscaping. Another benefit of planning native softscapes is their resistance to drought-caused landscaping issues.

Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to contact BCB Homes of Naples, FL, and book with the best builders to create your home in Park Shore. You can also contact our Sarasota or Boca Grande office by calling (941) 330-0800 or (941) 964-1704, respectively.

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