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Beachfront Home Builder in Captiva, Florida

Dreams of a beachfront home in Captiva, Florida, are what we at BCB Homes fulfill as the region’s leading builder. Our experience and expertise deliver on our clients’ wishes while remaining true to the high building standards to which we hold ourselves.

Building a Beachfront Paradise

Beachfront Home Builder in Captiva, FloridaBeachfront property comes with unique considerations. Highly experienced construction specialists are needed to successfully build a sound, custom home that will withstand the location’s tests and the high expectations of beachfront dwellers.

Unique Considerations for Beachfront Residential Construction

Nearness to Water

A beachfront home will be near the water, but how close to the water you build will be a factor in how you make structural design decisions. While the closer you are to the water, the better your view and seaside living experience may be, this proximity will also come with a greater risk of flooding that builders must address. However, with builders like BCB Homes, your home will be maximally protected, and the value of your home will reflect that structural strength.

Exterior Landscaping Hardscapes for Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Building a beachfront home demands outdoor spaces devoted to enjoying the sunshine reflecting off the sand, the smell of the salt water, and the sound of the crashing waves. Neglecting to include such features would fail to honor the location appropriately. From patios to balconies, ensure your beachfront home design includes spaces for relaxing, preparing meals, dining, and more. 

Materials and Techniques Chosen for Construction

Beach house construction requires solid materials. The home will be regularly battered by saltwater, wind, and sun exposure, so resistance to corrosion, rust, and weathering is essential. The Points of Construction process used by BCB Homes ensures that only the most appropriate materials will be used in your home construction. For instance, we use concrete and concrete blocks for all exterior walls, promoting the strength of your building envelope.

Partner with BCB Homes for the Perfect Beachside Abode

BCB Homes has over thirty years of experience building masterpieces throughout the elite communities of Southwest Florida. We are the leading construction, renovation, and estate management provider for the area’s luxury homes. Over the years, we have won several awards for the high-end multi-million dollar homes we create, renovate, and manage.

BCB Homes’ purpose is to elevate the region’s building standards, and one way we do so is by building with sustainability in mind. We built “green” for over fifteen years before it became a popular feature.

Consider a few of the eco-friendly materials and features that we regularly employ. We utilize high-performance impact glass in windows and doors, resisting the sun’s heat while welcoming natural light. The attics of our designs are generally non-vented, with insulation directly applied to the roof’s underside to limit condensation and energy loss from the beginning. Energy-efficient appliances, HVAC equipment, and pool pumps are common choices for homes we build. When planning landscaping, rooflines, awnings, and other features, we focus on exposure to the south and west to mitigate the effects of the afternoon sun.

Click here or call one of our locations to partner with the best beachfront home builder around Captiva, Florida. We have three locations to serve you well: 

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